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CT Scans - CBCT

What is a CT Scan?

A CT Scan (also known as a "CAT Scan") is a special type of imaging that we use to see parts of the jaws and mouth that we couldn't otherwise see from a clinical examination or from a regular digital x-ray. We normally think of CT Scans from a medical perspective, as they are frequently used for advanced imaging of the body. In dentistry, however, there are many applications of CT Scan technology that we are thrilled to be able to provide in our office.

I've heard of "Cone Beam" - is that a CAT Scan?

When we talk about CAT scans in the dental settings, we also include a technology known as CBCT (Cone Beam Cat Scan). CBCT is type of CAT Scan that's used when we need to examine a very small area, and we don't need to take a full CAT scan. As we are always cognizant of medical radiation, we obviously make every effort to minimize our patients' exposure to x-rays, and we only take CT scans (or any other x-rays) when they are absolutely necessary.

When would I need a dental CAT Scan?

There are a number of situations where a CAT scan or a CBCT is used; the list below gives a few examples:

  • To see the position of the teeth before Wisdom Tooth extractions
  • To determine if there is enough bone for an implant to be placed
  • To check around the roots of teeth for any infections or anomalies
  • To evaluate bone and teeth prior to orthodontic treatment
  • To examine cysts of the jaws or other pathology

If you have questions about CT scans or digital x-rays, please call the office or contact us so we can help.